I'm here to help cultivate a mindset that lasts.


A mindset that grows as you grow, unlike a How To Manual.


Celebrate your uniqueness, turn differences into strengths

and thrive as a leader in the workplace. 


Based on 20 years of experience in 

corporate learning and development.






I was born in Japan and spent my childhood in Germany, where I learned early that the world is filled with people whose cultures, languages and belief systems differ from my own. At the same time, when it comes to emotions, there are no borders.


Since childhood I've always loved introducing and connecting people. At the international school I attended in Germany, I introduced new students to peers with common interests (even if they didn't speak the same language), and they're still friends today. 


It was in Germany and at the global-minded school I attended back in Japan that I grew to value individuality, self-leadership, and diversity. 


After college I sought work that would allow me to work in education, speak English, and connect people - my three biggest passions. I joined a corporate training consultancy firm and developed an interest in corporate training and development. 


Diving into the World of Coaching


After working at two corporate training consultancy firms over several years providing short-term training and development to clients (including a startup), I changed jobs with the hope of gaining in-house, long-term corporate training and development experience.


It was in this new position that I began working with executives and department leaders to polish their global communication skills. Seeing them flourish and express themselves confidently, I knew I had found it. My passion was to help leaders thrive in their roles.


And this, I would learn later, was coaching.


I met and worked with many talented trainers and consultants in the years that followed, and studied NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in the US, officially beginning my coaching journey. 


In 2013, I left the corporate world and began taking on individual coaching clients. I was invited to assist a corporate training run by a leading Silicon Valley consultant group, with whom I would later found Silicon Valley Alliances. The team continues to teach and support me today.


Giving Sixty Minutes My All


To be honest, I didn't start my own coaching business with a clear business plan or idea of how I would grow it. All I knew to do then was to give each 60-minute session everything I had. Witnessing clients come alive and flourish in their roles as leaders and managers was all that kept me going.


It didn't matter how nervous or scared I felt inside. Believing "the participants bring the magic", my sole job was to create an environment where the participants could feel safe being who they were, and begin to take action.


As my coaching business grew, I was asked to develop and head a major leadership project with a global corporation, and the success of the five-month project helped to give me confidence. From my Silicon Valley Alliances team to clients who have placed their trust in me, it has always been the people's trust in my abilities that has allowed me to keep going.


My greatest wish is to give back what I've received, to cross the finish line with my clients and break out into celebration. I will continue to be the person that believes in the potential and brilliance of my clients, even when they feel challenged.


Because I know that power of unleashed brilliance.


Certifications and Courses

  • NLP Trainer Associates/Society of NLP (Dr. Christina Hall/Chairman of Society of NLP)
  • NLP Master Practitioner/Society of NLP  (Shinichi Suzuki)
  • NLP Practitioner/NLP University (Robert Dilts)
  • Immunity to Change Coach Certification Course (Dr. Robert Kegan, Harvard University Graduate School of Education)
  • Coach U Personal Foundation Course
  • Team Flow Certified Professional Coach
  • Experience Innovation Certified Trainer (IDEO & ExperiencePoint)    
  • Saville Assessment Certified Assessor

Career Background

Work Experience Includes:

  • Corporate Training Consultancy Firms


Global Education and Training Consultants

  • HUGO BOSS JAPAN (Fashion) 

Executive Assistant to 4 CEOs (Japanese/German/French)

Training & Development   

  • Nihon L’Oreal K.K.  L’Oreal LUXE/ Lancôme Division (Cosmetics) 

Training Manager

  • Launched own coaching business in 2013
  • Co-founded Silicon Valley Alliances in 2016
  • Supports/partners with IDEO as external facilitator since 2019
  • Founded Beyond Borders Inc. in 2021
  • Founded H Squared Inc. with Stephen Parent in 2024