For 20 years, Mana has worked with executives to help them maximize their strengths and utilize their skills to perform effectively, in work and in life.


Her coaching sessions are designed to have a lasting impact. They begin by clarifying a client's vision and goals, identifying specific challenges, and culminating in an action plan that does more than merely solve problems. Each action builds confidence, creating positive change that boosts both leader and organization.



Read TESTIMONIALS from past clients.

Who is this for?

  • Management
  • Mid-Level Management
  • Department Leaders

What Mana can help with:

  • Global Leadership 
  • Women's Leadership
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Aligning Individual and Team Values
  • Communication

How to get started:

  1. Email/Introductions
  2. Face-to-Face Chat 
  3. Trial Session(60 min)
  4. Contract(Starts at 3 months)

Sessions are face-to-face. Online sessions available upon request.


Fees available upon request.


Contact mana@manatomitori.com


Case Study #1

Client: Global Corporation Executive


In a leadership role for the Japan branch of a global company, the client signed on for coaching sessions with the wish to sharpen their global leadership skills, find a style that maximized their strengths, and contribute to the corporation as a whole. Later on, they became the head of the company in Japan, and continues coaching sessions today as a business owner.   


Case Study #2

Client: Global Information Technology Corporation Staff 


After honing her skills at a Japanese IT corporation, the client joined Google Japan. Through the coaching sessions, her hope was to polish her global communication skills and build strong relationships within the company, expressing herself authentically and with confidence. She was able to clarify her vision and goals and in a year was transferred from Google Japan to the company's Asia Pacific Region Headquarters. She continues to thrive in the location, taking on a new role with added responsibilities.