Shinichiro Konishi

Country Manager, GVP

New Relic KK


The first time I met Mana was the year after I headed up the Japanese subsidiary, when many new, highly-qualified managers were joining our team. My hope was for the skilled managers to work together as a team rather than in an individual capacity. That was when I was introduced to Mana for our first project together.


Our business expanded the following year and we sought to add more managers, and instead of looking externally, we encouraged our own employees to aim high as we made selections internally. Hoping to create an environment that would promote teamwork over competition, I asked Mana once again to help our teams move forward. 


The conclusion is simple. I am truly happy that we asked Mana to work with our teams.


Having worked with numerous instructors and trainers over the years, I have seen many people package their training sessions and workshops as products based on their specialities. Mana, on the other hand, has the extraordinary gift of combining a wide range of perspectives to suit the needs and wants of the company and participants. The sessions she facilities engage the participants so fully that we lose track of the time, and the learning and motivation continues long after the sessions are completed.


It is quite remarkable that she is able to create so much joy and learning in these remote training workshops. The next time we meet, I look forward to experiencing Mana’s full presence in person.



Hiroki Kakimoto


actio inc. 


I was fortunate enough to connect with Mana-san and participate in one of her workshops. Through the activities, Mana-san took me on a tour of her world and ideas, which I then insisted she share again with our entire team, learning the value of what she brings to the table.


Mana-san generously redesigned her training program to accommodate the needs of our team, through a number of conversations that helped to accurately shape the team's challenges and goals. The resulting training in the company-wide workshop was extremely active and interactive, revealing talents that the team members themselves did not know up until then. The energy of our team brought out by the workshop, as well as the enjoyable moments, have since created great synergy in our everyday work.


In the age of VUCA, we are finding more value in an organization's flexibility and the ability to mesh with the changing business scenes by the day.


Our encounter with Mana-san was a very fortunate one, and I would greatly appreciate her presence throughout our continued journey as Team actio.

Fernando Salinas

HR Senior Manager 

Berluti Japan


I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Mana-san on several projects which are very important for our business. Her strong expertise on Innovation, Creativity, and Team Effectiveness has brought significant value to our team, which is giving excellent results.


She is a very talented, experienced and committed business partner who has well understood our brand’s DNA and therefore, our challenges and needs. Her involvement and commitment in every single project transmit a lot of passion to our talents, and inspire us to always find new ways of thinking and continue to improve.


I will definitely continue to collaborate with her to help us get the best of us and enrich our team.

Amanda Barnard

Head of Talent Development, APAC & Japan 



Mana has worked with Adobe for many years as a trusted expert in facilitation and advice for manager effectiveness. She understand's Adobe culture and partners to ensure our sessions are prepared well, which makes it a seamless delivery experience. Her positivity and engaging personal style is appreciated and has been a key component to the success of our projects.


Mana is creative and adaptable in her collaborations and brings her Japan and global business experience to her work. Our team receives appreciations and positive feedback from our audiences.


It is always a pleasure to partner with Mana.


Erika Ogawa

Co-Founder/Former Japan Representative Director, Guinness World Records Japan


When I took on a regional office leadership role, I read plenty of books and courses on leadership and management but felt I needed something more to bring out my best skills. I felt intuitively that Mana was the person to go to, as she too has global and multicultural experiences in business and life. The coaching experience with Mana has been amazing and provides a fresh perspective, helping me to recognize who I am.


The benefits of Mana’s executive coaching include being able to step out of your short-sighted, day-to-day thinking and start viewing yourself and your business from a higher plane. Combining intuition and analytical thinking helped to give a broader view of who I am and what I value most.


Mana is very respectful and highly emotionally intelligent, coordinating coaching sessions flexibly depending on the day and condition. She designs playful sessions that help to organize your thoughts while helping draw your future and vision on a white canvas. The process is very entertaining and enlightening, waiting for you when you’re ready.  


Management Executive at Global Corporation


Mana’s coaching includes regular coaching sessions as well as communication and encouragement outside of the sessions. Her sessions help me to see who I am and what I’m thinking, and show me which steps to take next. When I incorporate what I’ve learned and take action, it leads to new and unexpected discoveries, which I bring to the next session for further insight. The process can be challenging at times, but I always leave my sessions with Mana with a clear mind. If you feel this might be for you, trust that instinct. What happens will likely exceed your expectations.


Aya Yamanouchi

Learning & Development Manager, LVMH Moet Hennessy・Louis Vuitton Japan


Mana Tomitori is a very flexible and creative facilitator with a global mindset and “local” heart. Her training creates a bridge that connects people with different backgrounds and encourages them to enjoy the power of diversity and to expand their possibilities.


When asked to design a workshop or training, she actively listens to our needs and customizes the program. She naturally brings corporate values and beliefs into playful activities to transform trainees' mindsets. She excels in Leadership, Innovation, Team Building and Communication. I would like to continue collaborating with her in the future.

Nathan Paterson

Director, Learning, IDEO TOKYO


Mana brings vitality, passion, and professional dedication to every one of our collaborations, from pre-project planning to facilitation, coaching, reflection, and beyond. She has a natural aptitude for designing the energy in the room and pacing the arc of time to perfectly suit her audience, helping all — whether individuals, new acquaintances, or familiar colleagues — to relax, share, and grow. 

Kimberly Wiefling

Founder, Silicon Valley Alliances & President of Wiefling Consulting, Inc.


Mana Tomitori is an extremely talented and highly effective workshop facilitator and coach. She puts the best interests of her clients at the center of everything she does. Her approach is interactive and engaging, in alignment with best practices in adult learning theory, and focused on meaningful changes in behavior and communication that will produce positive changes in business results.


Underlying her approach is a deep understanding of human motivation, behavioral change, neuroscience and NLP. And her enthusiastic attitude, coupled with her natural brilliance, makes her an absolute delightful business partner!